Yolantha Harrison-pace - May 10 2011, 11:36 AM

I am Yolantha Harrison-Pace and have been serving in your beautiful country since the year 2000. My calling is children and the use of literacy and the performing arts fo rhelping children who have been victims of disasters or who just don't have a voice.

Afterht earthquake I began formulating a REBUILD THE CHILDREN program.

Yes it is great to build back the country's buildings but wha tabout the children and their spirits?

They are not just Hiait's future, they are the world's future.

I know President Martelly tha tyou are an artist and that you especially know the value of arts in healthcare as well as the arts in building academic literacy.

When in Haiti I serve with a dynamic administrator named Francois Filogene.

He serves in the Pignon, Ranquitte, Cape Hatia areas.

I am a mother who lives in Kentucky, USA. I am devoted to seeing ALL children grow up healthy, happy and becoming all that they can be. The answer to Haiti is in Haiti.

Your children have told and shown me so. I also firmly believe tha tHaiti can be and is the answer to many of the ills of all the so called 3rd world or marginalized countries.

I must say however personally I feel that terms like 3rd world and marginalized are eurocentric phrases that divide instead of unite the global community.

I also have a friend Rev. Bill Alexander who has a project for building self sustaining and weather proof eco-domes with roof gardens so that even the poorest of the poor can have the best of the best. We would both truly like to meet you and see how we could partner in building a better global community.


One mother artist who globally cares,
Yolantha Harrison-Pace

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