Konpliman Monsieur Martelly

Orietta L Abbate - May 15 2011, 3:09 AM

Congratulations Mr. Martelly, we all rejoice for Haiti and the hope for change you represent.

We would like to ask you remember the islands in your future, as people there have been forgotten by previous governments, yet they have warmly welcomed refugees from the mainland in great numbers, and keep feeding them, although the islands themselves did not have much to start with.

We represent AAE in La Gonave, but the other islands are probably in need of the same:
1. reduced transport fees for goods (especially) food shipped across
2. health provision, especially doctors, as islanders have to refer to Port au Prince
3. include them in all distributions and provisions that Your government will undertake (la Gonave missed out on the 2009 free seed distribution).

We thank you if You will want to include the Haitian islanders into the great heart of Haiti and Yours.

Orietta L'Abbate
CEO AAE Australia Inc. for AAE La Gonave

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