Michel Martely Charismatic pop

Patrick - May 15 2011, 8:50 AM

I will not really Happy to see the Pope, Charismatic pop goes deep in your business with. I know there are very good people in the catholic church and other religions, but the Catholic church is the worst religion in the world and corrupt; maybe if you will find 1% good people in the Catholic churches.

That's why Pope Benedict XVI sent a letter to the conference of the seventh day Adventist church about they have to close seventh Adventist, they want us to come back in the Catholic church again.

This mean all the seventh day Adventist churches have to close their doors and worship God in heaven on Sunday.

You see this is (tonton macout); this guy try to bring us in the slavery again, even thou the nation is already slave from the VOODOO, but not all of us.

Haitian people,

open your eyes. remember that; after the slavery from 1804, Dominican Republic where occupied by the government of Haiti; just because they have a yellow skin, they take them out of Haiti and from the time they left Haiti until now their country become better.

Even thou the old Haitian's government are very thief, Every governments in the whole wold have a lot of thief inside their governments, There is a racism problem somewhere.

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