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Patrick - May 15 2011, 10:18 AM

you have to clean all the custom services (douane) of Haiti.

This mean you have quick out all the thief of the custom services, start from directors (raqueteur, voleurs).

You are Haitian, you should know that corruption.

If US,(la France),Canada etc send a boat with containers in Haiti, they give 17 days to empty the containers, after the 17 days the company charge $45 US a day. It will make sence to me if the customer can't take the container in 17 days the thief charge money we can't afford; the thief give the bills Bordeau) after a minimum 7 months.

Multiply 7 months by $45 Us you will know; you should send Rene Preval and his worker in the prison Clean up one by one; everyone Rene Preval put to work with you, only somebody you give credit, otherwise garbage, kick them out. I know the corruption was there from 1804, when this will change.

To help you rebuild Haiti, you have to fix it as possible some of us have to move out of the apartment or house to come Haiti.

people have to work hard again to put furniture back in the house.

When they work under the table with boats' company to suck our blood, like that; they don't know the money they make the boat's company charge us will never come back anymore?

they come to rob us with diploma and big french language.

Michel Martely,

may God uses you to teach them a lesson.

for reference, contact:
Tel: 951 278 4242

Email: reliablefrt at msn.com

From: solski at avimar.ca
To: patrickprincivil at hotmail.com
CC: florezi at mscca.mscgva.ch; clarkeb at mscca.mscgva.ch; david at sobeexport.com; Sobemiami at sobeexport.com
Subject: Container CAXU 4271560 Personal Effects to Haiti
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 13:15:36 -0400

pas bon, mechant voleur

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