for the good of haiti and the people

Maxo Pierre - May 15 2011, 10:36 AM

great respect for you Mr president.

as you know Mr president, for those of us who is living in the diaspora, and i believe also the one that live in haiti.the three most important things that i think our country need right away are, security,electricity, and infrastructure.

I know, and i believe that education is one of the most important subject for any country's development.

therefore we could all agree that education is essential.

As it was in your campaign, and i believe will remain the same in your presidency we need to lay a solid ground so this important task could be accomplish .that's why Mr president, I'm urging you with all due respect to put those three things in motion.

as we all could agree that, you will never be able in 5 years solve all haiti's problem but, with that kind of attitude of yours, i firmly believe that you will be able to put our country that we love so much in a better direction.Good luck Mr president, may god bless you all along the way.

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