We stand with Michel Martelly for a better Haiti

Leonel Henry - May 17 2011, 1:21 PM

To tell the true is only the true;
First, The New President Mr. Michel Martelly has to work harder and honestly with whoever wants to help remove some Haitian people in the tents.

Rebuild Haiti is not only rebuilding Port-au-Prince.

Most people should return in the province or go to stay in other cities for a better Haiti.

I know, Mr. Michel Martelly is going to do something good for Haiti, but this country very sick all over it, corrupt government, unfair people to hold up only their personal feeling, they don't care for others.

Mr. Michel Martelly, you have too much promises, I am skeptical about them.
Let's start with these people in the tents first, yes they need urgent help.
Problem Haiti is the problem all Haitians who care about their brothers and sisters.

Yes, we can start with security for all Haitians, and put all Haitians in a real home. You most show your honesty for other, then other people will help you rebuild Haiti.

I am a 100% Haitian, I am ready to help you Mr. Michel Martelly.

I love my country, together we can do more good, good luck.

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