Maurice Jacobin - May 17 2011, 6:57 PM

I am one of Michel Martelly's worst critics and the one who never wished he would be elected; but being someone who embraces and respects democraty, I accept him as the president of the country.

This acceptance is not given without scrutiny and skepticism.

I wish him good luck as his success will also be the success of Haiti and the Haitians who voted for him [also those who did not vote for him].

What I suggest Martelly to do is to surround himself with COMPETENT AND HONEST people to help him govern the country and put it on track.

First and foremost, he needs to qualified advisors [don't care if he hires foreign advisors] as long as they get the job done. For every plan or project, get at least the opinion of three different people knowledgeable in the field and also of Haiti and Haitians.

Decentralization is the key to development of the country.

The reasons so many people died in the earth quake is that Port-au-Price is over populated.

If you put in each city a government office where folks can get government services, it will not only decentralize the capital, it will be a great push for the other cities financially and also create jobs where don't have to go to Port-au-Price to find work. Also, rumor has it that you will reinstate the army, as long as it won't be corrupted and stop their bs coup-d

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