Cultural awareness

Rony Jean-louis - May 17 2011, 6:59 PM

Well, i guess Mr Martelly is not in the level of understanding the importance of our culture which was completely ignored during the inauguration ceremony there was no sign of any cultural appearance even a folk dance show at least.

Instead a protestant mass was chanted aftermath, is this the way you think that you will reach success in our country?

Good luck! How do you think to represent Haiti?

As "beniswa letenel"?

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Maurice Jacobin says...

Very valid point! The problem is Haiti, particularly Port-au-Prince has lost is sense of culture and civism in the midst of the chaos the country is going through. The people have other priority and concerns: security, housing, health, etc... A lot more »

Haiti Toma says...

Sispan pale fatra nan figu moune. Si se oumenm ki tap pale se fatra selam ou tap pale. Pa di sa presidan ta doue fe ou menm mete menw nan pat la komanse bay bon ekzanp. more »

Jynee says...

What's wrong with beni soit L'Eternel! ou gen madichon! si ou pa kwe nan BonDieu sa se biznis paw, min ou paka di presidan poul pa adore BonDieu. Serving God is a personal choice, how dare you tell someone they can;\'t praise God, People Praise G more »

Caribbean Observer says...

The same people that came with the Bible and Christianity in Haiti are the same one that massacred the Arwawaks in Hispaniola or Haiti, imposed African slavery and massacred over one hundred million Africans in the Americas which is an holocaust of more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

You sound just like agent X,are you? more »