Haiti's Return

Ron Linston - May 19 2011, 12:49 AM

1)Security, Security,Security:Increase the number of well trained police.

2)Recreate army for homeland security.This will create jobs.
3)Ask the US to take the real violent offenders off the island and jail them in Guantanamo Bay.This can be in exchange for US offenders being returned to Haiti.

4)Labor is cheap in Haiti.

Employ large number of sanitation workers to clean the streets and pick up garbage.

5)Employ a publicist to change Haiti's image to the world.

6)Advertise Haiti as a safe, friendly,happy place to visit.

7)designate an area for building of retirement community for diaspora.

8)Challenge every Haitian living overseas to come and visit the motherland and thus help in Haiti's comeback.

9)Invite Hollywood movie stars and famous recording artists to visit Haiti.

Publish their visits in the news media and social networks, shortly thereafter the regular folks will follow.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Ron,no reason to ask US to take any Haitian citizen"real violent offenders"off the island to jail them in Guantanamo,Cuba.Guantanamo will close soon beside Guantanamo belong to Cuba not Haiti.You made it sound like Haiti is a USA backyard and Haiti more »

Jynee says...

These are some great ideas but also, they should have prisoner do hard labor, helping to clear the rubble, pick up the garbages and also have them work in reforestation. That's free labor because right now, Haiti is broke so they need the free labor more »

Justice Minister says...

Volunteer yourself,your family and the former criminals in the Duvalier regime including Jean Claude Duvalier to do the hard labor. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Outch,you most be a Lavalas or a zinglindo,chimeres,ratpakarka families. :) more »

Jean Claude Chvalier says...

Jean Pierre Alexandre, I will pay you $ 10 an hour to disrespect Michel Martelly in Haiti the same way he used to disrespect Aristide. This way you will test for yourself which one of them was fairer and more democratic or more thuggish. I test Act more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I am not for hire. more »