Hello Mr President.

Patrick Richard - May 23 2011, 8:28 AM

My name is Richard.

I was in Haiti August 2005 since then I'm scare to go back because on my way home 4 guys stopped the car at gun point, they took $ 6000 and all my jewerly next day I cameback in USA. Please do something to save this country we love so much and we can't wait to go back, if those people can't do the job why you don't hire guys like Gulliani who did a good job in NY late 90's or start killing then in plain air to send a message to show that you mean business or you'll be fell because we are going to risk our life for nonsense, Thanks.

Vive Haiti.

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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. says...

Sir, How are you doing after such a devastating of your prvilege and rights that was dimished by those criminals? The President is really undestood the situation that many Haitians brothers and sisters and foreigners faced in the 2005 and until l more »