NGO Jobs In Haiti for Whites/Foreigners Only; Haitians need not Apply!!

Tiba - May 23 2011, 6:57 PM

Has anyone ever looked at those Haiti Jobs posted by NGOs?

This is the biggest joke of the century.

These white so-called NGOs, who are posting those jobs to work in Haiti, created some off the wall criteria, qualifications, skills, expertise, and education that I don't think too many people can even be close to meet.

Believe you me when I say that I looked at a long list of positions posted by these people, and I have not seen one job that requires 1-2 years of experience.

They all require at least 10 to 15 years and must have experience working on some international level before.

Only white people are more likely to meet those type of qualifications.

The requirements these NGOs are looking for to work in Haiti, are not even close to what are required to work in the United Stated.

Every single one of those Haiti jobs does require at least a Master's degree.

Nothing for people with a bachelor degree or least.

To fill out those jobs, these NGOs are looking for people who write, read, and speak fluently English and French, but Creole is desirable.

Meaning, they will consider you if you speak Creole, but it's not all that important that you speak Creole.

This is what "Institutional Racism" is all about.

They will come to work in Haiti as long as Haitians stay away. These jobs must be filled out only by white and foreigners.

No Haitian welcome regardless of your education, experience, skills, and that Creole happens to be your native language.

These NGOs hire the local people only to clean their cars and their rooms, to be their drivers, to do their laundry, to cook, and wash the dishes.

And those Haitians with an education get hired only as their translators/interpreters.

They come up with those off the wall qualifications and experience solely to keep Haitians at bay. How will this reconstruction be done when Haitians are being excluded from the equation?

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Loulou says...

Tiba, everything you wrote on here is absolutely true........could not agree more with you on that. more »

Belfanm says...

I thought I was the only one who thought so!!! I mean really, these job requirements are straight ridiculous. It's just systemic discrimination against the locals of any countries. the NGO game is for white folks, Haitians need not apply unless it' more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Belfanm,are you serious? Because it's the first time i heard that info. more »

Tom says...

Dear M. Or Mme., I agree and disagree. It's not fair to say "white" in this case. I don't even know what white is or what it's supposed to mean. For starters, there are many Asians, Arabs, Sub-Saharan Africans and others in the NGO community. more »

Tiba says...

It always amazes me to see how far people would go just to be "polically correct." Tom, you say "On a personal level, though you may consider me "white", I don't feel "white". You are white but you don't white? Then, do you feel black? span more »

Mahenderan-ganesh says...

I m sri lankan now live in haiti delmas pleas i neet job pleas help me my phone number 44052496 pleas... more »

Kdjayasinghe says...

I am Sri Lankan pass port holder. I would like to work in Haiti. Please send me a e mail address to send my CV more »

Taz says...

You don't need to be white to be either educated or to speak fluently a foreign language. The years of expertise (10-15) are required to make sure that no rookie is handling 30 to 50 millions in stakeholders plus experience speak for itself. I thi more »