What Martelly Should be doing now

Andy - May 25 2011, 10:30 AM

Martelly should go to Brazil, then China, ask for help in building a refinery company in Haiti.

That is where the money is.We don't need people money from countries that are discriminating against you.If you need to built a new Haiti, you need new friends.Dont be foolished by those imperialist, they are not your true friends.

we have enough money under the ground to take care of our own people.You don't go with the falling star, you go with the rising stars.

China and Brazil are not racist countries, they will help you built your infrastructure.The world know whose the rising stars are.Be ware, buyer be ware.How many years those who called themselves friends of Haiti has been involved in Haiti?

They don't improve any lives, because the basic need like water, electricity, and shelter are non-exist in Haiti, then you telling me you spent Billions in Haiti, in what, and where.

Building your embassy.

Haitians need to rise up and claim their own destiny, but until then, we need to identify our true friends.

That is my advice to president Martelly.

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