What are you suggesting

Andy - May 25 2011, 11:10 PM

Dear friend

I don't think you really understood my advice to president Martelly.

I don't know everything in Haitian politic, but by living here in America, I understand us attitude towards Haiti.What are you telling me is that Martelly need to be puppet president just like his predecessors.

Oh Lord have mercy.

To be president, you need to be smart and brave, that what we all are expecting from president Martelly.You need to know how to deal with the devil, get what you need from it, without offending it.
Haiti belongs to Haitians people, we all need to come together forming one solid bloc behing Martelly to move Haiti forwards wether we have imperialist support or not.

What happened to Saddam has nothing to do with Haiti.

It is not in the America's interest to see Haiti become economically independant, which is very stupid idea.You see America is losing power and become weaker and weaker every year. All we have to do is start taking our destiny in our own hand by isolating America and look for new friends, true friends.

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