A Message For President Michel Martelly

Jean - April 4 2011, 10:26 PM

Dear President Michel Martelly, My President the first thing i have to say to you congratulations, i want to say thanks to the next president WYCLEF JEAN who did put hands together with u to hook my leader up until he won the election face to misses manniguette, i am proud of my new President and i am looking forward to all the much needed changes in our country, security is my #1 consern and hopefully ur #1 priority, i believe in you, i have a cd music where you sang and say there is no way to help our country to get out from that bad situation if we don't put our hands together.

I hope you just didn't sing about it, and you don't plan to put it into action.

maximum love, respect for you, MY NEW PRESIDENT.

Sincerly Mr.j.B.E.

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