Please, just come down. Do you meant poor people cannot go...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 28 2011, 9:15 AM

Please, just come down. Do you meant poor people cannot go there to built bidonvil like pigs or black people can not go there if you are not rich?

Because they are more blacks people live in Petionville Than Mulattoes combines with the rest of you so-called whites in Haiti.

My friend this is the work of the devil, keep your heart open and soul.
Face it dude, our Capital don't need those useless people built their home like termites in some African Savannah.

They should have their own area if they prefer to live like pigs or don't have the luxury to do so.
It's logical in all society around the world.

Just imagine you are seating in your hotel room enjoying your vacation in your balcony your eyes gazing someone.

Kap pile pwo ne chodye pou li fe mange tou sal anba lafimin nan 2 ti pies kay a kote'ya?

It's only in Haiti you see trash like that.
Believe me, i travel almost all over the world, only in Haiti i can see things like that.


The mulattoes want Petionville to become the Capital of Haiti

Rumors have it that the mulattoes and the white new colons want Petion-ville to become the new Capital of Haiti...

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