Agent x, This is your wish, or an smart illusion? I know you...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 29 2011, 7:56 AM

Agent x, This is your wish, or an smart illusion?

I know you have a ring-tailed lemur behavior problem, this is the same behavior that sank Aristide in the pit and Preval the animal.

I'll suggest you to get your popcorn and butter seat down watch the show. Early this morning i was told by a contact, President Martelly accepted to initiate in Demoniac cult,"Freemason".

This is the only way i will agree with you if he did that idiotic mistake, cause i know for sure his ship will sink in a gigantic latrine full of excrement.

Started with me, i will ream is rear end with mud, i will not have patient to used Vaseline.

Haiti need to be free of all Demonic activities, it's the curse of logic that putting us beyond our understanding.

Haiti need to connect the superior, not inferior realms.


The mental and physical extragavanza of Martelly won't last long

The mental,physical,extravaganza and indulgences of the Martelly government and the euphoria of his partisans will...

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