President Martelly,It's A Warning.

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 29 2011, 11:36 AM

Are you playing a game of intelligence with God?

Remember Aristide!He failed big time in his arrogance against God.As for you, you will fall on your neck if you don't change your thought.This is a warning, i don't know if you will have another one. Return to that place and reject that nonsense and God will be with you.
I set to see you soon in the right time.
Make a quick U-turn SAP or you will be in deep excrement that can reach your neck.

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Earl Wheby says...

I knew it would be like this. Simply a matter of days before the people at this forum would turn against the new President who wants to form an army for Haiti as all other nations seem to have a military and Haiti did back when I was a pilot for Ern more »