Blatant Repression and abuse of autority by Martelly Administration

Bat Chien Ya Tan Mait Li - May 29 2011, 3:35 PM

Madame Martelly's car struck a few pedestrians.

Those pedestrians got beat-up by the Martellly security forces instead of receiving medical.

This is reminiscing of the Duvalier Administration.

Those thugs will continue to abuse their powers, violate of forms of human rights in Haiti if we don't stop them right at the beginning
We demand the public to publish the name of the perpetrators on the internet with detailled information with date and time of those incidents for popular justice actions at the appropriate time, location and oppoortunity.

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Ginette Thor says...

Before we know it, we going to have reincarnation of criminals Madame Max Aldophe, Ti Bobo, Boss Paint, Elois Maitre and other terrorizing the public by beating up and killing our children and families. We should stop them by any means necessary. h more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I definitely smell Agent x here in this post. Agent x,i never believe you were able to wear skirt and carry a woman name too.Dam you are good but not good enough for my nose. more »