Ml, watch your durty mouch, animal with no class, selfish...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 10 2011, 9:40 AM

Ml, watch your durty mouch, animal with no class, selfish animal, bbourikkk,nimphomeniac animal like you most have respect for machande croix-des-bossales.

My mother after been exploited by Accra, mevs,she had to escape from them and her last resort was Croix-des-Bossales to sale boyos and other stuffs she could get her hands on to bring food, clothings and contribute with my Father to pay our schools, i have other family members as well takes their kids to the top of the scale.

You are an ignorant of premier class, people like you should be in a cage like wild animal eating excrement mix with sea water and kelps.

What kind of animal in the species of animal are you?

Pig is too clean to classified you as!.>?&%.

Its people like you that crushing our loves one to death by humiliation.

Djol santi.

Wild thing.

Take care.

Response to:

No I am not your class. You are a diol cochon...


The Mother of Haiti by Agent X


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