The assination of Mr toussaint in haiti.

Lautre Niveau - June 15 2011, 1:59 PM

the assination of mr toussiant in haiti still remind us how dangerous haiti is despite many improving in the security but a lot has to be done haiti need new gun control law making it toughffer for people to own gun in the country .I m sure the new haitian parliament could start working on that this is what keeping haiti back all the time we gun control law for that problem to solve in haiti we need a civil.

protection corps to protect the neighboorhood to guard the place day and night it does not have to be a paid force it could be a community force where the community gather but there have to do it the llegal way the must register first the must have a lisence the could trained these peolpe to take care of the neighboorhood each community should have a civil protection corps or a comminity force it will help reduce the amount of insecurity in the country where the police national is unable to provide security in most part .This time I m posting all my comment in my idea I hope mr mathelly take not of that .I was so dissappointed with preval.

I hope I does not get dissappointed with mathelly command this is the 21st century haiti need to move forward we can do better than that we have enought problem already we have a country that is destroy that will take decade to reconstruct because of to much maggoullier we must make a start haiti well need a lot of help mathelly need to bring back all educated haitians in the country to help and provide shorlarships send haitians student abroad to study anything so in return the will make good use of the country send some to study mining send some to cuba to study docter and medicine whatever field.

I m sure haiti will make good use of them in return instead of staying in the country all the time which has nothing to offer.

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Tiba says...

Why does Haiti need any gun control law at all. Haiti is not a territory of the US, and therefore, there isn't a second amendment of the US constitution that grants Haitians the right to own gun, nor to protect the right of gun ownership in Haiti. T more »

Jacob Martelly says...

This Tiba always introduce constipation and made allusion to anus in his writing. He must be a macisi. This is a covert way for him to ID himself to the other effeminate like him. more »