Emergency situation --Martelly nedds 10 parachutes to land down

Dominus Vobiscum - June 18 2011, 12:41 PM

Our boy is high like a weather satellite.

He wears his dopey sun Glasses.

Now he start to press his boot on the Haitian disaster money for his artificial snow. Soon he will need a fur coat like Michelle Bennett to protect himself from freezing in 98 degree temperature in Port-au-Prince.

Take a good look at his face in the picture.

He wears a dark, dark,dark sun glasses to hide his eyes. He now believe that he is piloting an aircraft.

He has no pilot license.

Give him 6 months, Clinton will have to rush him in a F-1 jet to Betty Ford Clinic or to Seafield Detox or Tritox or more. Haitians are in big trouble.

Dominus vobiscum
et cum spiritu tuo
Tout moune su corde

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Sphia S Best Friend says...

Martelly is only available to the public now. In a few weeks, He will show his face to the public less and less as he will gets more access to the money and to dope. The sun glasses on his face speaks volume already about his behind the door not too more »