Incompetence and Mediocrity still reign in Haiti!!

Tiba - June 21 2011, 6:14 AM

It's been ONE MONTH since a new government has swon in and there is still NOT a functioning government in Haiti, and yet, these people keep going around with their chests filled with arrogance of "the know-how and as the most well educated in the world." Is this the resonance of the popular belief "Haitians cannot govern themselves?"

This can't be always about these morons don't care about Haiti.

This has to do mostly about "being plain dumb, stupid, and brainless capacity" in the part of those running the government.

They just don't know how to ratify/approve/vote/or just accept someone as prime minister in Haiti unless they're waiting on the master to tell them what to do which is usually the case.

Why can't Haitians do anything right, professionally, in the spirit of the country's best interest?

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