Housing and Infrastructure for Haiti

G Callender - June 23 2011, 6:10 PM

Mr. Martelly,

I am a Caribbean Urban Development Consultant and have been in the contracting business in the US and in Trinidad and Tobago for over 20 years.

Since the events of the earthquake in Haiti, I have tried to no avail to reach your officials (not your's specifically) even to have two discussions with your Ambassador in DC who received all the presentations to pass onto the respective Ministers but he did nothing and then became illusive.

The sad thing was that my housing programmes came with funding and were really time oriented as I truly thought that any government faced with a diaster such as the one that occured would gladly sit down at the table to discuss funding of much needed HOUSING for it's citizens who were in tents.

As the rainy season approached, I wrote again and again spoke to Mr. Joseph in DC...it is as if he was not really interested in helping the people of Haiti so much as trying to shield politicians.

Mr. President, I am again submitting my company to your government to do a Housing development that can be funded with generous repayment terms or that you can fund the choice is up to you and your colleagues.

My offices are located in Trinidad and Tobago and should you wish to send a representative of your Housing Ministry to visit with us and to discuss what plans you have for the rebuilding of Haiti I would more that be will ing to partake of such an opportunity and meeting.

We feel that Haiti has turned and is leaning too heavily on the big countries for it's rebuilding efforts...without recognizing that the pace at which it is going is designed to keep the country exactly where it is..under their thumbs...

I stand ready to talk to someone in authority to be able to assist the people of Haiti in regrouping and rebuilding.

You need to make your government more accessible to the outside world, a government website with access numbers to Permanent Secretaries if not Ministers and their assistants is extremely important at this time.

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