Excuse me Mr Claude Danois, 1-How come you are a certified...

Professeur Bon Bet - June 27 2011, 12:42 PM

Excuse me Mr Claude Danois,
1-How come you are a certified physician in the USA with so many mistake in your English?

2-If you were born in Haiti, You should have made an effort to check the historical facts about Haitian history before you posted them here. I am urging you to start reading about Haitian History.

I guess that you are relatively more fluent in English than French.

If it is the case for you, start reading:
The black Jacobins by C.L.R. James;
The uses of Haiti by Dr. Paul Farmer;
Haiti: The timultious History by Philippe Girard;
Written in Blood by Nancy Gordon Heiln;
The serpent and the rainbow by Wade Davis talk about pharmacology of the voodoo but it has extensive documentation on Haitian history; Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoutes by: Bernard Diederich;
Papa Doc by John Marquis.


Professeur Bon Bet


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