A Message For President Michel Martelly

Routher Montgomery - April 5 2011, 1:51 AM

Dear President Martelly,

Congratulations! And, make your country independent...and self-sufficient.

Bring into your circle people who are wise but educated...such as; economicist and financiers (e.g., who will develop and strengthen your currency...and your economy) Put your engeneers and scientist to work on improving and developing your country's national infrastructure projects.

Create a national Haitian service corp where the Haitian people can serve the needs of other Haitians in their times of need. They should be your first responders to emergencies and desasters--your military must be part of your national service corp. Train them also to be medical train-the-trainers, to quickly attend to your peoples medical and other health needs.

Create your own system of laws and nationallize their enforcement.

Also, be your own protecterants...all of this and more I wish for in your five year plan.

Again Congratulations, I hope it works this time for your nation!

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