Jean Pierre Alexander Autobiography for sale on Bel Politik

Diol Elephant Alexander - June 30 2011, 9:40 AM

Someone just wrote a pathetic autobiography of Jean Pierre Alexander on Bel Politik in a desperate effort to help paying for his N stage syphilis medical care.
Buy the autobiography to help this dying brother.

If you need your copy right-away go to:
If you want to be more generous, "telecharge" the family through Salvation Army--hospices Dpt.

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Catherine Lacrete says...

yes,I agree with the blogger that Jean Pierre Alexander shows insanity consistent vulgarity and criminal tendency in his writings. We should write to the blog manager to prevent Mr Alexander from using this blog as a forum for degenerate. more »

Consequence Chabon Bois says...

Jean Pierre Alexander doit rester en action. Il defent le peuple Haitien. Ou K Pa rimin estil li. Ce tres bien. Proveb la di : Chak chien niche Tete....... yo gen yo connin. Oh Oh bam repowm. ehhh.... oh.. more »