Agent-x, i think your hands are full, this is a sign of...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 5 2011, 8:02 AM

Agent-x, i think your hands are full, this is a sign of deterioration in deed.Now you are blaming a Jamaican?

You lost an screw.

Don't you know Jamaicans are strait forward people?

Personally, i will trust one million Jamaicans before trusting only one Haitian!
Please do the math, come on you can do it.Okay i will help you to make it easy." 1,000,000.00/1 ".

Let me teach you about life.
When someone, or if someone call you lazy, selfish,put your people into slavery abroad to feed the rest back home, or Haitians are not creatives to creates jobs at home, or Haiti don't have any function in this world and whatever other bad things Haiti may have on his back.
Don't get upset.

Just look for solutions to fix the problems by started to look and solve your own problem.

I will tell you why!
I always ask questions to others, baboons like me, monkeys, gorillas,"gorillas are the Haitians so-called intellectual with the brains the size of Carolina water melon variety and still they looks more idiotic to me and the world" to continue i always ask other chimpanzees from other countries of our problem in Haiti.

All of them end up with one answer!&,.

Haitians are wicked, selfish,ignorant.

"Remember majority always wins, therefore the few that is not wicked, selfish,ignorant don't even can compare to fill the stadium, it's only a drop in the bucket"

Don't get upset, that is the truth for all Haitians.

Now, we need to change our heart.

You are Haitian, you know the deal.DIE OR ALIVE is not a big deal in Haiti.

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