Mr.Garry Misolevich, As Haitians Kamoken, I and others are...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 6 2011, 8:13 AM

Mr.Garry Misolevich, As Haitians Kamoken, I and others are very cautious with foreing investors or with the so-called humaniterian help.
Education don't have nothing to do here, In fact we care a lot.
You guys F U C K us in the A S S for over 200 hundred years, you put dirty mud not even vaseline.

But, we are F U C K I N G tired with crooks and criminals around the globe.

Everyone of you MOTHER_F U C K E R S thinks HAITI is your MOTHER's P U S S Y.
We don't need anymore A S S H O L E S help if you think you can just walk in our land to use it as a bridge or any other criminal activities.

Very soon we will have AL-Quada in our front door offering us help?

Only the Chinese government can make a proposal to our government or your people most have a legal representation from their Gov"China".

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Mr. Jean Pieere Alexandre, Education has everything...

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