Mr.Garry Milosevich, well for what i see in this world i don't...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 6 2011, 10:37 AM

Mr.Garry Milosevich, well for what i see in this world i don't need that education.

So far i can see every man for himself, Nation against Nation, people against the world bank system, people against their government, people against people and to makes the matter worst, every government system on this planet fail with the same education you talk about.

Very soon we will have no need for a government and the world bank system.

The mafia, gangsters,mob bosses failed too, even royal family around the world.

So, what the F U C K is going on?

Tell me
Education don't have nothing to do with it like i say.
You born with rational thinking and judgement.

Education before and after Christ failed by mankind long time.
The education you talk about was set/up by Satan and his A S S H O L E S.
Only A S S H O L E S can understand it and happy with it.


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