Agent-x, Lavalas, are you guys want to assassinate the Haitian...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 6 2011, 1:52 PM

Agent-x, Lavalas, are you guys want to assassinate the Haitian president in Spain?

"( Officer Miguel, Officer Andre, Officer Leon be ready to go to Barcelona if need be. Our Officer in Haiti just informed us that the vice president plan to visit Barcelona.

Our Stand by frequencies 14, fgk Mhz,
14, hrx Mhz; 14, tzq Mhz LSB
FRZk-AVRK-QGTSXRTG landline telephone.

Back up communication if All the above failed:
Contact Eddie at Base infinite Omega pass word jako rouge
Contact Marcelle at Factory TxMw33-ApLvV%>>Maze4

Posted by Agent-x on 7/6/11 12:26 PM )"

As a warning to you guys!
The world would be to small for us to leave on!
I, Jean Pierre Alexandre tell you today be ready.


Flash derniere second: England and France Cancelled Martelly State Visit

Martelly received phone calls today from England and France from lower level employees at their foreign ministry...

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