If I Don't Reply Quick, Konw That I Am Blocked From Posting Ok...

Toulimen Legrand - July 11 2011, 3:16 PM

This pro-duvalierist blog manager is fighting my ideas and if I cannot reply to you is because he blocks my IPs so the truth could not be scattered to you. Beware and learn to forgive if I cannot answer as quickly as possible to your criticism.

Remember, I am not a dictator like this blog manager and I don't impose my views on anyone to make my points accross.

I share views, discuss ideas while fostering a respectful dialog among all. I am not spying on anyone like this Pro-Duvalierist Blog manager, and all I want is this: A better society for all Haitians regardless their color and gender.

I am a humanist citizen and I am advocating an egalitarian society for all Haitians.

I am not happy with our primitive Haitian society and I am against discrimination although discrimination creates more employment jobs than any employment device tools and I will explain later if asked for, and I am for a good life for all Haitian citizens.

We were born in Haiti and we will die Haitians although Haiti's economic elites do not want us to be elected for electoral positions in Haiti.

We must resist and we must fight hard to change those discriminatory laws. We all must say this: Haitians are Haitians for life and any added citizenship cannot make Haitians lose their citizenship status.

We will fight them to death and we will win. It takes time to build good stuffs, but I want to tell you this: We, Expatriated Haitians will win the fight and it will take less than a decade to do so!

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Tba says...

Uncle Toulimen, Know that I am right there with you till the end of time. There most be an end to the "Primitive" way of life in Haiti and so "welfare." The diaspora is tired and nor sick and tired of supporting and care for Haitians in Haiti, more »

Web Minister Of Justice says...

Toulimen I have the same problem since one month.I cannot post anything. I circumvent the problem by using web proxy. Go to Google type web proxy. You will find hundred of those service that will allow yo to bypass such restriction and many of thios more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Toulimen,are you sure this blog manager is a pro_Duvalierist? Because he F me all the time with my posting too and i am a purist "Duvalierist",just don't give up. He is a punk,jackass'of all'jackasses. Don't let him turn you off. F him. more »

Toulimen says...

This blog is under supervision of three pro-Duvalierist Haitians. Two of them live in Miramar in Florida and another one is living in Chicago. I have traced them down and they are spying on us for the seven richest families in Haiti. It is a spying b more »

Tiba says...

Toulimen! Toulimen! Toulimen! Why should I care about these Most Repugnant Elites (MRE) of Haiti? First of all, they need me more than I need them because they depend on my hard earned moneies that I send to my family in Haiti for their survival w more »

Toulimen says...

Tiba, my dearest blogger, you should care because of their strength to keep 90% of Haitians in dire poverty as supported by the Republican Elites of the U.S. as well as the G-8 countries. Food and money transfers' boycott could be a good option, but more »