Toulimen! Toulimen! Toulimen! Why should I care about these...

Tiba - July 13 2011, 8:55 AM

Toulimen! Toulimen! Toulimen!

Why should I care about these Most Repugnant Elites (MRE) of Haiti?

First of all, they need me more than I need them because they depend on my hard earned moneies that I send to my family in Haiti for their survival while there is nothing and absolutely nothing they can do for me.

If I can get the diaspora organized in a way and boycott all Money Transfers to Haiti for at least 3 straight months, that would be the end of their survival because they would not be selling their goods and there would be no profits made. Even the master (Wester Union) would be impacted big time and would have to beg us, the diaspora, to please loose up a little bit.

And therefore, I don't really undertand why they would have a bunch of cronies using the blog to spy on us?

What is the gain for them?

Why would I go to Haiti looking for employment when I am well qualified to find any type of employment that I want in the United States that is paid 1 1/2 or twice, and even three times of what I would be making in Haiti?

We, Haitians, are a bunch of weak with no back bones to stand up for anything because we don't believe in anything because we, the diaspora have the laverage, which the power of the purse to put pressure on those disgusting repugnat eiltes and the government in Haiti to bring changes in our country.

I really don't give a rat ass about the scum bags blood suckers elite, the bourgeoisery, and the rich in Haiti because they really have nothing on me. Once again, they need me more than I need them because we, the Haitian daspora, are a $1.5 billion yearly industry to these disgruntles in Haiti.

Money talks!

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