They stole my name, they stole my name that what baby doc was...

Agent-x - July 14 2011, 12:01 AM

They stole my name, they stole my name that what baby doc was crying for when he arrived at the Toussaint Louverture Internationa Airport on January 16th 2011. He had the audacity to call it Duvalier Airport.

This Duvalier assassin name will never return to any Haitian building or monument on any form or fashion.Never, never ∞ never.

You mentioned: "This along makes of Duvalier a gentleman.

Many hundreds ( Famers ) from Artibonite valley helped
in the construction of that airport ( as volunteers.)
You see, Francois Duvalier called the humble people."

The money that was allocated for Duvalier to pay those farmers from Artibonite in the Airport construction, Duvalier send the money to Swiss bank so his bombonfle, retarded son could spend it generously with white women in Europe and on the French Riviera.

John Dillenger, George Nelson aka baby face, Charles Ponzy and John Gotti claimed they were gentlemen and their followers echoed such claims.

You try to change your identity from A-2539


Dr. Francois Duvalier

Dirty skunk such as Agent

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