Gousse is a Criminal

Kamoken Scandinavia - July 15 2011, 11:16 AM

I am just puzzled by Martelly's decision to get a notorious criminal like Gousse to be Prime Minister of a Country still in transition.

Where are his advisers?

are they stoned or is the pressure being exerted on him by that repugnant and dirtiest elite in the Americas prevent him from at least make the right choice for his Country?

Why would several American and French Ambassadors and various heads of International Organization called for his removal?

Why should this Martelly Guy be wasting his time with the selection and the arduous process of ratification by the Parlement instead of entering a consensus with them?

Or is there some underlying reason or reasons that we do not know?

It is a shame
Once do the right thing
Kamoken Scandinavia

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Kamoken,things don't look good at all so far. I am sick of that guy Gousse. If you talk about adviser,what adviser? Shalom more »