Petion-ville Women Wish You Happy Bithday Aristide

Petion-ville Housewives - July 15 2011, 10:58 PM

Happy birthday to President Aristide up to your toes.
President Aristide we are a group of unhappy housewives.

We are rebelling against our oppressive and abusive husbands.

Our husbands hate you and would like to see you dead. Those guys treating us like slaves and dirt and they are unable to perform on bed because greed consumes their time and energies.

Some of them are Microsoft CEO meaning it is so small, soft and unable to stand despite of our best TLC. We have read during colonial time that Haiti had a leader who fit your profile and the French women in the colony used to have frequent contact with him and he was able to return them home with his Boeing 747 before the husband return home because he was gifted physically and intellectually.

The French women were very grateful to him in term of love, secret political and military information from their husbands.

That's why he was ahead of the political game and was able to put Haiti on the road for independence.

As the adage said the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Today July 15th 2011 we are signing a pact with you against our husband.

If we cannot travel in your jet, send us some of your trusted pilots and good airplanes.

History will repeat itself again.

We will not trade your natural jet for none of the questionable, stolen and unsafe private jets.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,your marks are here on this post. I don't think you have a job. more »