Inter-species communication program will help baboon Alexander

Agent-x - July 16 2011, 10:40 AM

If you keep using vulgar languages on any website, I will instruct their webmaster to clip your wings.

Your lack of education leads you to frustration.

The paucity of your intellectual arsenal is lamentable in comparison to human being.

Therefore, you have recourse to the easy four letter words that connotes lower physical functions rather than the intellect and abstract.

I understand your frustration and difficulties trying to communicate with Homo sapiens since you are a baboon.

The linguistic discipline is very complex.

Even the experts in linguistics don't know precisely how many languages are spoken on this planet but linguists estimated there are about 6000 languages spoken now on earth.

Humans have a lot of trouble to communicate with each other even within the same language depending of the parameters.

Sometime we don't have our priorities in order.

We even use the Drake equations in our search to communicate with presumably extraterrestrial beings while we are neglecting to communicate with baboons like you which is our close cousins on earth.

No wonders why the earth has so many complex problems that are multiplying instead of being solve.

Thanks that we could see the light at the end of the tunnel which is Aristide.

Aristide as a luminary and astute linguist will probably be the panacea in solving your formidable language barrier.

With Aristide there are hope that you will reduce the frequency of your baboon vocabulary while learning more acceptable words that will makes you more human like in your attempt to communicate with humans.

Aristide and I discussed a few years ago the possibility to start an inter-species communication program on earth at a rudimentary level with creatures such as dolphins, rats, octopus, pigeons, squirrels, pigs, crow, elephant, orangutan, chimpanzee, dogs, cats etc. Now I am adding you as a baboon on the list.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,are you a woman? It's look like you cannot forget about me. Aristide didn't do a good job on you? Just let's me know what you want maybe we can work something out. I remember you told me you never sleep with a woman before,never. Are more »