Wildy, don't give up no matter what come ahead. You guys need...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 17 2011, 7:47 AM

Wildy, don't give up no matter what come ahead.

You guys need to organize yourselves in group in every schools and neighborhoods, gather information daily or weekly across to each other.

I am sure you guys can detect, select good Dominicans individuals if in campus or neighborhoods to collect info, survival in hatred environment can be very challenging, dangerous if not deadly.

The incompetence of Aristide, Preval and other top officials exposes Haitians students at great risks for the past 25 years in foreign lands.

Haitians students were sent out with style and dignity overseas in my time "Duvalier regime".

For 25 years Haitians students were forced to takes refuge where they are not welcome to continue their educations.

We will have our country back and running it for all Haitians to stay at home.


Salut mon excelence! comment allez vous?

Hey papa yap tuye etudyan nou nan sen domingue wi, mwen panse fo nou jwen n respe nou sou gouvenman w lan nan sen...

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