A Message For President Michel Martelly

Wildens.leveque - April 5 2011, 8:04 AM

Dear President Martelly,

I knew Michel is a good man there is a lot of potential on him
all I m asking.

I know you can do it yes you can, Make a difference
you gat some good people who love you who always with you like Roro Nelson
4x4 in Boston you might forget me I m wildens alway there with
Phillipe Zavier oui nou pran yo. Change I need to see President Michel help haitian stop killing each other stop the kidnapping I know it hard at this moments.

create jobs open other doors for professinal haitian to come back home
to work. Make people feel secure at home. there is lot of professional
like me who been working on Generator, Turbine, ATS Transfer switches, UPS,
system for many years plus other Haitian.

we can Generate
electricity in Haiti.

Phone system Avaya, Cisco, IVR system to Generate phone on people House make things happend Michel.

I m not only talking about me
there is doctor, Lawyers ect.I know it will take time it not going to happend on 5 years but make
a start so others can fallow your foot point.

so next president can be shame of them selves.

love alway Wildens Leveque

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