Ungrateful Haitians

Erick Avelino - July 17 2011, 9:28 PM

This is what my anger did not allow me to write.

This is a common crime.

It happens all the time but Haitians make it into an anti-Haitian thing.

If you think being Haitian make you immune to crime you are dreaming.

The Dominican authorities are doing their job, not because the victim is Haitian, but because this woman deserves justice.

As a Dominican, I hope the killers get punished severely and, ideally, that they are executed.

But you are too ungrateful as a people.

We feed you, we cure you, let you walk in our country freely and you just demand things that you do not give to your own. Not for nothing, but Haitians should not be in DR. Stay in Haiti and this won't happen again.

When you kill Dominicans we are not as ignorant to assume that a common crime, like that of Haitian man burning a Dominican pregnant woman alive, is an anti-Dominican campaign.

You hatred for us is not justified.

We do more for you that what you do for yourself.

Shame on you, Haitians.

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Yuca Duro - Antoine Simo says...

Seguro que si nosotros somos ingratos, Porque: 1-Tu cortas la cabeza de Haitianos en plazas publicas en Rep more »