Will Martelly start acting his presidency soon?

Bernadette - July 18 2011, 1:14 PM

Mr. Martelly has many life threatening issues he has to face and take care of.
Mr. Martelly needs to prioritize his lists in order to start systematically digging into those problems.

If he can sustain a certain political stability into the Country by making certain reasonable deals with the Parliament.

Let us face it; The Parliament got roots and experience, we can't expect it to be erased easily.

Sure Mr. Martelly can dismantle them under the pretext that they are unreasonably keeping the Country from functioning on a very basic level;
But at what price?

We know there will be blood and more political disturbances.

Martelly might as well settled peacefully so Haiti can move on.
The President should take the homeless situation very seriously.

He should use government land and or lease private land to let the dislocates move in and even help them cultivate the soil for basic staple food.
Clean up the streets.

Have some money designated for touristic advertisements so that he can make ready cash for the Country
In turn with some other resources, Mr. Martelly would be able to make some sort of sustainable economic development plan for Haiti.

Nothing grandiose, just the basic will do for now.

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