Haitian Justice System

Franck Casseus - July 23 2011, 12:00 PM

Mr President, as the chief executive officer of the nation, you need to apply and execute the law of the country.

As you know, several criminals, killers for hire, mercenairies, have assassinated many innocent Haitiens simply because of their political affiliations.

These killers such as Jean Tatoune, Guy Philippe, Youri Latortue, Chamblain
etc are still free and continue to be a threat to the secutity of the citizens.

Mr president I am begging you to apply the law and send these criminals to justice.

We want to remember you in history as fair and juiste.

Franck Casseus

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Franck Casseus says...

I am Franck Casseus and I never posted something like that. I don't know who give you the right to deliberately use my name in this blog. I have contacted the FBI this morning and I was told to have a second posting from you so they could track your more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Franck Casseus,are you the only Franck Casseus on this planet? You are a fool,idiot,an A S S H O L E to believe you are the only one with that name. Nowadays an IP is useless to catch a real pro. You and your FBI are full of S H I T,so shut the more »

Franck Casseus says...

Thank you Mr Alexandre for uncover the ignorance and stupidity of some people. This other Franck Casseus is a clone,a clown a jurk!! The real Franck Casseus speaks the truth. more »