Haitians Engaged In Politics Are Bad; Then Haiti Will Always Be Worst!

Joubert - July 24 2011, 5:55 AM

Unhumane, greedy politicians and subservients of the Haitian oligarchy cannot change Haiti.

Mme Lassegue has been into power for 35 years and still want to be part of this new government.

This is the same political gang and they will be reappointed again through new ministerial positions.

Only a violent tsunami could wash those pigs away for Haiti to breathe!

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Joubert,we don't have to wait for a tsunami to wash these A S S H O L E S out of the land. We need to exterminate them like roaches. We wait too long to revolt against these people. We need to kill,kill,kill them all. more »

Joubert says...

Divine Justice is better than self-justice. In 1770, many of their ancestors were gone and they would be gone soon. Haitian elites are more cruels than their former french settlers (their great great grandfathers). Since their houses are sitting on t more »