Ms. Maria Sanchez was taking care of you in the cage while I...

Agent-x - July 24 2011, 12:04 PM

Ms. Maria Sanchez was taking care of you in the cage while I was away. I had to stay away longer than I had anticipated because I had to make an unscheduled trip to Brazil.

Tomorrow we need to send to Brazil and Benin a pair of your dirty socks for a scientific investigation to confirm or deny if Jean Claude Duvalier is related to you because we discovered baboon in both countries that have striking resemblance with you and baby duck, duck,duck.

By the way, another baboon just passed away; he is on his way to hell where Leviathan will place him in a boiler adjacent to madame Max Aldophe not too far from Francois Duvalier to be more precise he will be placed in boiler HAHA-9541-2698-537452-IT-x1. Boiler HAHA9541-2698-5374-666-IT-x2 is reserved to Bernard Gousse.

Leviathan agreed with me to declare Marie Denise Duvalier
Nicole Duvalier and Simone Duvalier are declared personna non gratta in hell in deference to the greatest musician of all time in Haiti, Gerard Dupervil that likes Denise beyond death but Jean Claude Duvalier will be one of the VIP in Hell

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Agent-x,what's new? You can go to jail for abusing an...


Agent -X returned to la ville des anges

23 Juillet 2011 06:00 P.M. Agent-X arrived in Los Angeles International Airport just in time to remove baboon A-2539...

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