The Caciques Bourgeois of Haiti Are Happy Seeing Our Focus On The President

Toulimen Legrand - July 25 2011, 12:26 PM

The president is doing the bourgeoisie's job on behalf of the Haitian people so we need to lower our hope on the Martelly's presidency.

If he had taken the power through a revolution we could ask for change, but elections never brought changes to Haiti.You will have the same appointed ministers on different ministers and this political inner circle holds Haiti's power forever unless we can come up with a social revolution.

This inner circle of the presidency in Haiti is the one preventing the expatriated Haitians from accessing the power and changing Haiti for real.

You will still have a Lassegue after 36 years of being ministers under all governments and a Josette Bijou almost 40 years working for the Haitian government.

We in the Diaspora will never access the power with those people.

Bernard Sansaricq and Richard Brisson understood that game but this political inner circle aided by the U.S. CIA toppled their revolution and Richard Brisson got killed under the Baby Doc's regime.

Haiti will never be a good country for Haitians with those caciques bourgeois in Haiti.

Actually they are trying to create a middle class with all Haiti's public employees with the Kay Pam project and Michel Martelly will be officially known for the one who brought mortgages within the Haitian government where public sector and private sector will compete to offer the best possible mortgage deal to all which is not bad, but why can't we have mortgages for all Haitians in Haiti?

The government needs to invest in public housings and jobs so Haitian majority could rent at affordable price along with this so-called middle class mortgages.

Can Haiti build a sewage system to purify the country?

It is sad hein! Will those tribal caciques bourgeois listen?

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