By Conquest or by Consent?

Haiti S One World Media - July 29 2011, 3:48 PM

Are we serious! Another American Occupation is that what we're working towards.

It's so obvious that history is repeating its self. This reconstruction of Haiti is not going to happen by consent and if it did; not a democratic consent (the people).

The people of Haiti: the poor, the uneducated, unfortunates, the orphans, the machans are the majority.

A majority that is misrepresented as we all know. How can the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere's monetary still have great worth.

$1US to 40GDS.

Do you know how much one house in a place like Grand Goave is being rented for each month let's not take a guess because I have proof 90,000gds.

Now what reconstruction.

How can the poor not get poorer and the rich richer?

How can a system of check and balance exist?

How can reconstruction be by consent?

The reconstruction of Haiti should not be about building physical entities but it should be about conquering poverty through the construction of new financial pillars.

Haiti is fighting a financial war of money laundering and Gold reserve cache that existed long ago. The role of OECD which follows a system of Co-Operation which gives priority power to 33 countries that were initially present at the convention in Paris December of 1960. What about the DAC and it's members, World Bank, IMF and UNDP. Well enough said; President Martelly needs to be a lot more informed on pass histories of OECD and it's system of co-operation and the DAC and it's members before he can take on this reconstruction of Haiti.

So again a reconstruction of Haiti by conquest or by consent?

By consent because we all want Haiti rebuild but by conquest because of...

By consent because they can show that our President agree but by conquest because...

By consent because of the fine prints so the argument of by conquest is overruled
By conquest because all evidence hidden has to be found and we Haitians are not doing our research.

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