Martelly Government is trying to establish is neo Facist regime in Haiti

Agent-x - July 31 2011, 10:58 PM

Martelyy apparently staged the rock throwing festival in Cap Haitien as a means to illegally conducted mass arrest to his political opponents.

This is a racist regime who is pro mulatoes, pro bourgeois, pro multinational corporations, anti-black and anti-poor.

The Martelly regime is characterized by, Clanish, nepotism, corruption and thuggish are the general rule in Martelly

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-X did not write this none sense. This is another incident where someone signed again the name of Agent-X. Such rascality bear the finger print of the usual suspects especially our distant cousin. Jean Pierre Alexandre says,Agent-x is a P U S more »

Agent-x says...

Agent-X will let the public know anytime a baboon will try to impersonating the name of Agent-X. Agent-X wrote the article: Martelly Government is trying to establish is neo Facist regime in Haiti. My distant cousin or baboon A-2539 wrote the artic more »

Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Are you sure Agent X? Let's give them time to see. I would think it is premature to level such accusations more »

Richelle says...

hey you go find some kk to eat ngro.You are nothing but:male bourique,vie chien,san beyin,fouk sal,dyol santi,desann ta,mal eclere.You are in a rage againts Michel.You will never never never never be not even a chouket larouse m pa besoui di w pou t more »