Mr. President! We thank from deep within our hearts.

Ronal Altieri - August 3 2011, 10:22 AM

Your honorable Mr. President,

We thank you from deep withing our hearts for the insightlful gift you have given us in the early stage of your presidency - what gift some will say?

Well! Before and since 1987 we have rightfully been a politically blind people with no insight into the workings of the minds of those who are playing the role of senators in the circus of parliament politics.

We have been seeing their dream for Haiti all over the country by sight, but now with your mental approach your presidency is helping the people to feel by insight how the environment and political climate have visually and socially been bathing in filth.

What filth?

The filth from their minds.

Briefly! We now can see clearer than ever what the problem of our society; we now can see how the filth came to be so common in our environment and in the minds of our youth, and it is as a result of the minds of those who are in parliament - namely the role playing senators.

Every young Haitian person now understand what the main problem of the country has been for the longest of time, and it is the nation's politicians.

Thank God that you are have never been one of those, and it is obvious that you can that play game with more dignity than they can believe.

Again! Thank you for educating our nation with a very important lesson about our nation's political mindset.

As you so eloquently said, "THE MIND OF THE HAITIAN MAN MUST BE RECONSTRUCTED" and you have helped to make that clear by exposing the sick and demonic minds of those in parliament.

It is true that reality starts with a thought, and that a thought is rooted in the mind. We now see what is rooted in the minds of our senators.

The people knows who had their pants down and defecating on them, as opposed to whom had their pants down to moon the fecal minded; of which they are such.

Great job, Sir! I must admit we are surprised to see how much you have done in so little time for our nation.

You have - through your spiritual warriors Rozier and Gousse, exposed the sickness of Haiti in our politics, and that is phenomenal.

Mr. President, our history will remember you for it. But for now we thank you from deep within our hearts.

Permit me to say, be calm and react with the class and intelligence that they did not know exist in your mind. Do not join them in their filth - you are of a higher calling; you are the change for our nation.

Do not allow these evil minded demons to take you away from your illuminated path; a path of which destiny had called you to help change our nation not by whatever means necessary, but with clarity of righteousness and good conscience.

The war to get our nation on the right path will not end with you, it will only start with you.

Monsieur le president, we are applauding your battles and they must be won with the mind.

The spirit of our ancestors and of those who have perished on January 12th, as well as our prayers are with you and your family as you embark on this spiritual warfare for our nation's future.

With loving respect.

Always in Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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Jd says...

Wow!!! I could not have said it any better. I am so glad to see that some of us Haitians do have the capacity to think through things. Well said Mr. Ronald Altieri. If only our nation had more people like you who can actually think for themselves, we more »