the police force has to change their ways

Eden Theodore - August 4 2011, 6:59 PM

the police force in Haiti are not protecting and serving the people instead they uses the power to protect and themselve.

The diaspora are the weakest link for the magority of these police, in 2004 a policeman follow my family and I to the nearest bank in order to get 200 dolla because we could not identified a one way street and there were sigh in place.

It happened recently last month on my way from Gonaive with several policeman trying to identify illigal activities by faking their acted just because they know you're not familiar with the law in the country and making money off the people.

the police force are the most corrupted and any changes would have to started in that area.

Mr. President Martelly please do something about that, i met you once at the airport from miami, we counting on you the Diaspora for change, we are the most victing of their acted.

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