Who is Stanley Lucas?

By: Assassin Watch - August 9 2011, 4:28 PM

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Pascale Bien Aime says...

This is a total lie. I followed that conversation on the Haiti mailing list and the person that suggested that and made false accusations against Lucas was a crazy american woman Marguerite Laurent. Stanley Lucas was advocating policies to protect more »

Joubert says...

Remember he calls for the vaccination of all Haitians to enrich America with their bioscientific means and power. He wants America to inflict more pain and diseases to Haitian people so they can get vaccination. He wants America to keep the Haitian p more »

Marguerite Samson says...

Stanley Lucas is the nightmare of Haitian dictators and the corrupt business cartel groupe de bourdon. Lucas is hated by Duvalierists because he is asking for Duvalier's trial to move forward as soon as possible. He is hated by Aristide and his cron more »

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