Whoever told you that Dessalines was born in Haiti was wrong...

Toulimen Legrand - August 10 2011, 1:42 PM

Whoever told you that Dessalines was born in Haiti was wrong.

Dessalines was born in Africa and especially in Congo from Benin and Togo's father line of descent.

He was not a Creole like Petion but an Albinos sold into slavery.

Mullato historians told us lies about the history of Haiti and Educated Haitians should gather together to rewrite the Haitian history for the future generations of Haiti.

Due to the fact that we have a parasitic or predatorial elite in Haiti and I believe Haitians will never get a better life for themselves.

We in the Diaspora are sold like slaves against our wills to the most advanced nations to feed those parasitic elites in Haiti.

We have criticized all governments in Haiti and things never get better because Haitians don't know their enemies and the true sources of their problems.

Hard line rich conservatives of Haiti are the ones to change before Haiti can become better.

Some people think a Rwanda scenario against the U.S. Republicans alone can help eradicate those vermines who are colonizing their own fellow citizens while others believe in constructive dialog to engage them into the fight to change Haiti because we all go at the end at the same place whether we are rich or poor. We need to stop criticizing Haitian governments because they are not responsible for Haiti's misery.

Rich people like us to criticize them so they can fool us all the times, but they cannot fool all people all the times to repeat Bob Marley.

We know what's good for Haiti like Martelly and he really wants to change the face of Haiti despite the growing pressures of the rich gathered around him like those Duvaliers when they were into power.

Let's give him a chance and the benefit of the doubt before pointing out fingers and critics.

The rich of Haiti own 90% of the Haitian wealth and only 10% of this wealth is left for the government so they can do much. I hope that you understand it and engage yourself in more constructive dialog to better Haiti.

We cannot kill the rich because they are protected the conservatives of the world but we can dialog with them. They are scared to death of their wealth and they need an army to secure that wealth.

We say to the rest of the world that Haiti has to redistribute the wealth before creating an army to secure it. I have called Martelly's team last week and I told them that wealth's redistribution is needed to rebuild Haiti before the installation of an army. I was told that the rich of Haiti are depressed to death and they want to restore the Haitian army to protect their 90% share of the wealth.

We say enough is enough and we need a redistribution of the wealth before securing it. I hope you understand it!

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